Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

*illustration by alma loveland

I'm so so so so excited!
Hey, can you tell that I'm excited?!

I don't have a degree in photography (yet.)
I'm pretty much self taught.
However, I have worked really hard to take classes,
do mentoring sessions from other photographers,
& read books whenever possible.

I think it's so important to learn the foundation of photography if you are planning on selling your services.
I'm not saying that I'm done learning because
I have lots of room to grow. LOTS.
But I am excited to tell you about a way that I'm branching out a bit.

I just signed up for Illustrator 101 via
Nicole's Classes! YAY!
I love graphic design (blog design, logos, announcements, etc)
& I can't wait to learn the basics. If you haven't seen
Nicole Gerulat's work that stop right now, & click

Alright, are you back? Ok good. I've taken Photo 101 from her
& it was fabulous. If you are an aspiring photog,
or if you just want to take better photos of your family, then sign up!
Prices are awesome for what you get in return.

I'm taking Illustrator 101 from the lovely Alma Loveland.
See her work

So anyway. I'm excited/ecstatic/elated
/enchanted/thrilled/tickled pink!
I start next month
& I can't wait to show you my homework!


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  1. oh how exciting! i've seen her classes and WANT SO BAD to take them.. you'll have to tell me how you like them :) i can't wait to see your homework! yay!!!