Monday, April 27, 2009

.:::for H&T:::.


  1. haha loved that you picked this one for the sneak peak :) But it makes me SO anxious to see the rest! I love the coloring! Thank you SO much for doing this! PS. did my sister Heather contact you? She's coming to Utah in June, and would love to have a family photoshoot. Are you going to start coming up to Northern Utah often? Or was it just kinda a one time thing?

  2. so cute!!!i love the text you always put on. how do you do that? where do you get all the cool fonts?

    And thanks--I think you are getting so good too!! I always love looking at what's new on your blog.

    I need location help too! There is nothin here in st. george! That place i did the guitar pics is out in little valley. there are some cool things out there. The little girl pics were done at the jacob hamblin home in santa clara. I took my sons pics out at that majestic view location you told me about! hope that helps. If you find any more cool locations, let me know! I'm gettin sick of mine!

    ALSO do you only really charge $30 for the session fee and cd?? dang girl, you are cheap!