Monday, March 16, 2009

S + C + W = ♥


I had
so much fun
on the shoot. . .

it makes sense that I would be having

so much fun
editing the pictures:::
I can't wait to show you
more of

Sandy & Colby
(& Woody too)


  1. these are SOOOOO incredible!!! You've gotta share this location with me :) Is that your new lens?? the 1.8?? what is a sigma?? I reeeeally want a 50mm 1.8. They look awesome! great job! Yes, we should get together so you can teach me!

  2. Beautiful work and I love the scenary!

  3. I saw a comment from you on Serena's blog and wanted to check your blog out. Love your pictures they are great.

  4. Cierra,
    I just checked out your work and love it! I feel flattered that you asked me for tips because I think you are already SO good. Maybe we can get together sometime and just shoot for fun. I would love that. :)

  5. Cierra,

    No I am actually located in Northern Utah. I just know Serena from school and I love looking at her photography I'll add you to my favorites so I can check in and see your photos.

  6. Hey Cierra! Thanks so much for taking our pictures!! That was so much fun! Can't wait to show off all our sweet pics :D

  7. Love these pics Cierra! Sorry we missed you while you guys were in town. Jake is out of town and I was busy all Saturday. I hope you guys had a great trip. I would have loved getting together with you and talking for hours about photo stuff!